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heating-oil_0007_1What is Kerosene Heating Oil?

Kerosene is an oil, often called paraffin oil or heating oil that is used to power and fuel both industrial / commercial engines and machinery as well as powering domestic heating systems. Kerosene Oil is the UK’s most common form of fuel oil for properties reliant on oil for heating their homes.

It is a generally a clear and thin liquid with a density of around 0.81 g/mc³.

While some fossil fuels can be expensive to produce, Kerosene is one of the cheapest. In fact, compared to other off-grid fuels, Kerosene the most cost-effective ways to heat your home.

Kerosene heating oil is also known as 28 second and is the most popular form of home heating oil in the UK. It is used in oil-fired boilers and cookers in homes all throughout the UK. There are currently 1.5 million UK households who rely on a heating oil tank to warm their homes.


Where does Kerosene Heating Oil come from?Where does Kerosene come from?

At its source, today’s Heating Oil is produced from the distillation of petroleum. This is done at ahigh temperature as between 150 and 275 degrees – this is when we start to break down the petroleum into separate components with the lighter hydrocarbons rising and the higher boiling point components are left at the bottom.

Within this temperature window is the point where Kerosene is collected through distillation and so accuracy during this process is immensely important. You can
read more about this process here.

Historically, Kerosene was extracted from fossil fuels such as coal, oil shale and wood but is now predominantly extracted from petroleum.


The history of Kerosene Heating OilThe History of Kerosene

The production of Kerosene Oil has been in motion since 1846.

Prior to the invention of electricity, Kerosene was the planets main way of heating and lighting up the world. The first company to being distributing it to both industry and homes was called ‘Kerosene Gaslight Company’ back in 1851.

Kerosene stood as our most important refinery product until Gas grew in popularity and availability in the 1920’s.


Kerosene Heating Oil EfficiencyKerosene Efficiency

It is estimated that the efficiency of kerosene is up at around 90% and in some cases it can be in excess of this figure.

Compared to gas at 77% efficiency and electric at an abysmal 31% efficiency, you can see just why so many of us are using heating oil.


Is Kerosene Heating Oil safe?Is Kerosene Safe For My Home?

In a single word… yes!

The Heating Oil burns very cleanly and it has a low carbon monoxide risk as well as not being able to exploder cause a fire due to the lack of fuel vapour.

Not only this, heating oil systems won’t output any dirt, soot or odours into the home if installed in the correct way.


Kerosene Heating Oil Boiler SystemsHeating Oil Systems

Heating oil systems work in the following way:

Oil is stored in a tank (either above ground or on a subterranean level)

The tank is connected to a boiler

Oil is pumped into the boiler through a dedicated pipeline where it combusts in order to heat a separate water supply

The heated water is pumped from the boiler around a property through a connected pipe and radiator system.

Heating oil is an incredibly efficient fuel – this means you get excellent return for every unit of energy used.

Kerosene Heating Oil Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

As well as producing less fumes than fuels such as wood or coal, domestic Kerosene deliveries are often grouped to reduce the amount of tanker deliveries in an area, which in turn cuts CO2 emissions.


No Tie-ins

If you don’t choose a planned delivery service, you need to remember that when you use heating oil, it is not like being on a mains-connected service – with heating oil you need to remember to order your heating oil in plenty of time.

Heating oil consumption varies according to your personal situation and how large your house is.

Kerosene Heating Oil is cheaper than LPG

Is Heating Oil Cheaper Than LPG?

Yes! Current figures show it is almost 50% cheaper to heat a 3 bedroom house using oil central heating as oppose to LPG .

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